Southwestern Three-Bean Salad

And now... what you actually came here for:

1 cup cooked black beans*
1 cup cooked navy beans
1 cup cooked small red beans
1 8.75-ounce can corn, drained
1 jalepeno, deseeded and diced
1 stalk diced celery
4 tablespoons sliced scallion

Mix together, add dressing, stir well and eat.


.5 cup chopped cilantro
5 drop tabasco
4 drops Worcestershire sauce
.5 teaspoon each: ground coriander seed, paprika, chili powder, dry mustard, salt
.25 cup lime juice
.5 cup vegetable oil

Whisk together.

*I don't ever buy canned beans, and I cooked my black beans (only the black; I just cooked the others normally) with a splash of rose water and a bay leaf. Feel free to buy canned and use those instead.


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