Oh, Henry (Wheat Salad)

Since you lost it before, now you can make it for your girlfriend:

Wheat Salad

(all quantities approximate, but the wheat:other ratio should be 1:1)

1 cup of whole wheat in water overnight
splash orange blossom water
Piece of a bay leaf
Splash of plum vinegar

Cook 40 minutes (alternately, you can skip the soaking and simmer for 2
hours). Allow to cool completely in its water, remove bay leaf and drain.

1 stalk diced celery
1 sliced scallion
.3 cucumber, diced
.25-.5 cup chopped palm hearts
.5 tomato, deseeded and diced
.25 cup each: chopped mint, chopped parsley
Salt and pepper
.125 cup each: lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil


  1. Anonymous6:17 PM

    This stuff is awesome, and I didn't even do it right. Changes: I used raspberry balsamic vinegar. I thought I had fresh parsley but I did not. I forgot to put in the lemon juice. And instead of dicing the tomatoes, I cut cherry tomatoes in half and arranged them artistically on top.

  2. Thank you Allie,



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