Miss Spider, Part Two

Ok, so I realised I did also call the spider "Miss Spider." Last night, I gave her a lecture ('cause yeah... she can understand me... or something).

She leaves a lot of messes that's true. I remember when she was born, and when her mom moved across the garage (I sometimes visit her to see what she's eaten - usually another species of spider as of late), I watch her molt, and I watch her feeding patterns. I'm a lot more attached to this spider than I realised until yesterday (when I was complaining to P about her not doing her job as he looked at me in the same way one might look at any crazy person). All in all, she's a pretty cool spider and she keeps the garage largely pest free. Plus, she sits where I sit and she's never bitten me.
So last night I walk over to our part of the garage, and she's just chillin' while a large silverfish (~2 years old) is walking right by. Now, I realise she just ate, but spiders have a built in food preservation system. She should've wrapped it up for later. And that's what I told her after I killed the silverfish. She just went further into her burrow and ignored me (well, what else was she gonna do? Yell back?) But I felt better telling her her job is to kill all the bugs that walk by her.

And here she is. She's very pretty. If anyone knows what kind of spider she is, feel free to tell me.


  1. Anonymous12:25 PM

    1. I can't see the pic.
    2. LOL at you tagging this post "pets".


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