Sunday Storage

This week was pretty straightforward. From the stores, came:

more rice (we're almost out of white rice!)
more canned goods, mainly tomatoes
fruitcake (there are only two bites left, which will be gone by the time y'all see this)
sesame oil
most of the olive oil (it doesn't help, probably, that I use olive oil as lotion. Or maybe it does help - depends on your perspective I suppose)

And something else went into storage (though it's in the freezer):

Pumpkin. I had a big pumpkin, which was cut and roasted. The seeds also were seasoned and roasted, and the strings from the inside, along with some of the pulp, went into making pumpkin butter (mostly this got canned, but I left some in a jar in the fridge for R). The remainder of the pumpkin simply got pureed and then portioned and put into bags. I'll be buying one more pumpkin, which I will peel and cube, then freeze the cubes raw so I can cook them in any fashion I wish throughout the year. I'm hoping that two pumpkins will suffice for the year, but if not then I suppose we just won't get anymore pumpkin until they're growing and in the stores again.

Also, it turns out that we've gone through so much rice, pasta and beans that I  have eliminated the last of the massive storage containers. There's still the big bin of seaweed and mushrooms, and there's still the extra spices bin, but that mostly contains extra spices and chocolate chips of assorted types now. So this is good. There's enough pasta remaining that I've got probably 10 pounds max in a little drawer of the closet instead of all in the pantry, and also there're still roughly 6-8 pounds of beans sitting in a little drawer as well. But all the big bins are gone.

This is pretty exciting to me. I wanted to be done with massive amounts of storage by November, and while it's technically not done, it's so close that I'm counting it as something that will basically be accomplished. Once this month closes, I'll probably have a month's worth of food in storage instead of the year+ I used to maintain, and that's really just fine for me until I know what's going to happen after I finish grad school.


  1. You say it's fine now, but once it's all gone you'll get twitchy.

    But yayz! on being almost done eating it all. At least you know when you end up where-ever that your new collection of food will be new, and that you didn't waste a whole bunch of tasty stuff.

    Also--a bit tote full of chocolate and spices? And it's still in there?

  2. Yeah, you're totally right. I'm enjoying having more space in the house, but I'm already feeling like there's "no food in the house." That's got to be driving up my grocery spending, I'm sure.

    But yep - still have some chocolate, spices and tea. I guess I have so much that it's slow going through it all?


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