Sarah's Onion Soup

A couple years back, P and I were camping with some friends. We'd split up meals, and one of the days our fellow camper, Sarah, grilled this onion soup. It was a delightful treat, so I asked her for the recipe. Today I share it with you. :) Hope you enjoy!

4 large onions (yellow or white), peeled, with the root end trimmed and the core hollowed out two thirds of the way down the onion
4 beef bouillon cubes (or veggie cubes, for you vegetarians out there)
4 tablespoons butter
water as needed

Insert a bouillon cube, a tablespoon of butter and water to fill into the cavity of each onion. Wrap in foil completely, then grill over high heat (with the grill closed) for one hour. This may also be done in the oven at 400-450F. Open bundles and sprinkle top of cavity with cheese (optional). Serves 4.


  1. OH my. That sounds tasty. I just wish it didn't involve bouillion as I've yet to find one in my grocery store that didn't have weird ingredients in it. (I've become THAT shopper -- the one who spends 40 mins reading canned tomatoes and stock. :-\)

  2. I'd think that if you just used beef broth or stock and added a little more salt to it, in place of the water AND bouillon, it should work out just fine. I'll actually try it that way too next time I make it to see how it goes. (and don't worry, Dea-chan: I'm that shopper too)


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