Sunday Storage

So what we have here is a failure to communicate. Between my brain and my tummy, anyway. Which basically means my memory of what came out of storage this week is limited at best. Here's my best try, though (and perhaps I'll start writing it down throughout the week so y'all aren't victimised by my shoddy memory anymore):

rice, white (we are down to possibly two litres remaining of this)
black beans
canned goods
last of the coffee
baking supplies (including a bag of mint chips)

Here's the interesting (and good!) news: we are now down to just one bin for most of the storage, and one bin for mushrooms, seaweed and bonito. This is massive, massive progress. I'm stoked.


  1. The last of the coffee?! Oh no! How horrible! :-P That would be grounds (ha) for an immediate shopping trip in my house.

  2. You know, I'm torn on it, DC. Mostly we drink tea and so being out of coffee isn't in the end of the world (particularly given the sheer volume of tea lurking about my house). And yet, on nights when I have to pull an all-nighter (as happened last week), not having a packet or two of coffee lurking around is disheartening at best. I think I'll probably just pick up one of those tiny packets of beans next time I go to the store.


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