(Mashed) Potatoes of Awesomeness with Garlic

I'm really into mashed potatoes. Did you guys know this about me? I never really talk about mashed potatoes because I figure y'all know how to make them. But just in case, here's a recipe for them. You will definitely want to modify this to suit your own tastes, as I really, really like garlic and it's reflected in the recipe. Hope you enjoy!

4-5 russet potatoes, peeled (mostly) and chopped up
1 tiny onion, peeled and chopped up
1 head garlic, peeled (I know; you use less if you like; I actually used about a quarter of a cup of the garlic sauce, toum, here instead of freshly peeled garlic)

4 ounces (half a container) cream cheese (or sour cream; I had an incident w/ my sour cream that I don't really want to talk about much since it'll gross us all out)
half a stick of butter
salt and pepper to taste
few grates of nutmeg

Boil the first group of ingredients until the potatoes are quite soft. Drain, then add the second group of ingredients together and mash. Serves 2.


  1. You know, it sounds good like that. But I bet if you tossed another head of garlic in, roasted, at the mashing stage, it'd be even better. With, like, melted cheese over the top.


    Doesn't boiling pull a lot of the flavor out of the garlic and onion? Or am I wondering for no reason?

  2. omg omg omg I hear you on the potatoes. I always blame the Ukrainians for that one. :-P

    Have you had Hasselback Potatoes? (I called them Hasselhoff just to make my guy laugh) They were featured on Tasty Kitchen recently, and I had to do it. They also then added cheese TO the Hasselbacks... omg I just gotta find it for you.


    Look at that and tell me that you don't want it in your mouth RIGHT NOW. I'll also know that you're lying. :-P

  3. j, I agree. The addition of roasted garlic would add just that much more win! And cheese; is anything NOT better w/ cheese? It *does* pull out some of the flavour, but not enough that you can't taste it (I think a lot of it just gets absorbed by the potatoes while they're cooking). It just wind up more like a subtle addition than a strong, dominant flavour.

    Dea-chan, I have NOT had those. But I will be soon. OMG they look amazing!!


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