Saturday Spending

I didn't really buy much this week. Which makes sense, since I didn't actually cook anything other than ramen and corn gems (I used Lon's recipe this time, since I didn't want to melt a single tablespoon of butter on the stove; the recipe was quite good). I'd planned to go get olives too, but I forgot so they'll just be part of next week's budget instead (olives may be all I buy next week).

I'm not sure why I really haven't been cooking. It seems like I cook once a week and just eat that all week. And lately I've been cooking stuff you guys already know (hence the lack of recipes). What I need to do is start really working on making smaller portions so I have to cook more than one time a week. Anyway, I'll work on it.

And, on to the spending. I was well, well within my budget this week. Additionally, I bought ZERO junk food. Are you proud? I keep plowing through the junk food at record rates. Aside from liking it, it's also helping to keep me from losing more weight. Which is true, but is the main way I'm able to justify it. Loads of extra calories for very little work. :)


$1.98 - 2 cans coconut juice
$3.25 - simply orange
$0.99 - parsley, dried
$1.78 - 2 cans of sardines
$0.62 - yellow onions
$1.99 - eggs

total: $10.77 (including 16 cents tax that I'm assuming was for the coconut juice)


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