Saturday Spending

This week I actually went to the store. Are you guys proud of me? :)

I set this new rule for myself that I'm supposed to have breakfast from now on, since my metabolism is just zipping along at record speeds and it makes me nauseated a little. So in the interest of doing this in the 15 minute window that exists between waking up and leaving for class, I'm going to be doing one of the following each morning: protein shakes, labneh and/or shanklish sandwiches or yogurt with honey.

I've been flying through olive oil lately, primarily because I've been eating so much pita dipped in oil dipped in za'atar recently. And when I say "so much," I really mean that there are some days where I eat nothing but that all day. Since I was nearly out of oil, I decided to go to Phoenicia to get a big tin of oil. Especially since I didn't do any shopping last week at all, I figured it would fit into the budget (here's a good instance where rolling over the money is a good idea, though I'm only rolling last week's $20 and not the monies I haven't spent in previous weeks mainly because I'm too lazy to look through old posts to figure out how much that actually is) and if I could keep myself from getting carried away at the store, I might get out of there relatively close to on budget. Well, I was close. I would've been way under budget if I hadn't bought all my breakfasts stuff, but that's okay. I bought it all in big enough quantities that the only breakfast-y type stuff I'll need again in the next couple weeks is frozen fruit.

On to the spending.


$2.49 - 1 pint blueberries for snacking
$1.58 - 2 packages (totaling 20 ounces) chopped, frozen spinach (I'm craving borek in a pretty serious way right now)
$2.29 - 1 package tropical fruit; frozen

total: $6.36


$18.99 - 3 litre tin of olive oil
$2.99 - 2 pounds yogurt
$5.89 - large jar of labneh
$1.99 - can of Israeli olives
$2.88 - bulk olives
$0.70 - zucchini
$0.74 - green cabbage
$0.56 - eggplant (2 Japanese type ones)
$1.25 - 9 loaves pita

total: $36.01
minus last week: -$20.00
total: $16.06

grand total: $22.42
amount over budget: $2.42


  1. Maybe in addition to going out together and using you as a wingman, we should go out together shopping for food. I don't feel I tend to buy much that is "frivolous" and yet I'm always surprised as to how much I am spending.

  2. Next time you go to the store, save your receipts and we can go over them to see what's going on w/ the spending. A lot of the time it comes from buying out of season, or from buying more than is actually needed.


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