Saturday Spending

Not much to tell you guys this time. I pretty much was too lazy to go to the grocery store, despite the fact that I need a bit more fruit in the house than avocados.

Thus, this week I spent:


Should I get roll-over when I don't spend my $20? Or should it evaporate like the money did during the summer?


  1. You're right- you do need more fruit than just avocados. You need limes and tomatoes, too.

    I guess roll-over depends on what your budget says. Do you have something "better" to spend that 20 bucks on?

  2. Hm... A valid question. I guess I'll have to evaluate it week by week. I think what I might do is to always try to stay w/in the $20, and if I have a couple dollars here or there I go over to not sweat it since there're so many weeks I don't even buy groceries, let alone the ones where I don't spent the full twenty.

    Yeah, if I'm going to have avocados I need to eat them in more creative ways then: "Cut open avocado. Dispose of pit. Get spoon. Eat."


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