Grilled Cheese and Salami Sandwich

I'm going to be doing lots of hot sandwiches this week. It occurred to me that I have such an incredibly stupid amount of stuff to do right now that I can barely find time to do the dishes, let alone cook really creative stuff. I'm basically doing chocolate pasta salad for breakfast (because really, who can be sad about eating chocolate and fruit every morning?) and sandwiches when I get hungry throughout the day. I have been craving extraordinary amounts of fat the last couple days, daydreaming about In'N'Out (c'mon, guys. Build one in Houston. I promise I'll make it worth your while), Whataburger, Wingstop, pizza, and Popeyes. Clearly the last few days I've gone without potato chips is having a dramatic effect on how I need to rethink my other meals. More fat, more fat, more fat.

Anyway, here's a sandwich. Tomorrow there'll be another one. Probably Thursday too. Hope you enjoy!

2 slices bread
olive oil (or non-stick spray, or butter, or mayonnaise, or whatever you like to coat the outside with)
1 slice cheese (I used sharp cheddar here, since that's what I own)
2-3 slices salami (I used the overly-pricey but still wonderful Oscar Meyer hard salami)
mustard (I used dijon)
banana peppers or pickled or whatever (I don't need to tell you what I used, do I?)
sprinkle of za'atar or olive oil dipping seasonings (your choice)

Coat the back of each slice of bread with whatever oil you're using, and the inside of each piece with mustard. Layer on cheese, banana peppers, za'atar, then salami. Grill using whatever method you prefer. Serves 1.


  1. i want you to know that your blog came up when i was googling to see what cheeses people paired their salami with when grilling. good to see you still blogging. my post will be up later this week (still need to create the sandwich) at

  2. Thanks for your comment, Peter, and for reminding me about this sandwich! I'd totally forgotten it and may now need to make another.

    Good luck with your sandwich creations! I'll check out your blog in a few days to see how it went. :)


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