Saturday Spending

Well, I just want to say a couple things. Going to Kroger in the evening freaks me out a little. Perhaps I watched too much Hitchcock as a kid, but the thousand+ birds in the parking lot make me a little nervous. There're usually a couple dozen on each car and hundreds more chilling out on the asphalt. Not only do I find it unnerving, but additionally I don't particularly appreciate the roof of my car being covered in fecal matter when I get done shopping. If I remember to bring my camera next time (I'll try!), I'll take a picture of the parking lot (not the fecal matter) so you can see just how many birds we're really talking about here.

The other thing I want to say? It's about bread. Normally I bake my own bread, which costs maybe fifty cents if I'm being generous with what it costs. This week I've just been so busy (as evidenced by sandwich city the last few days), that I needed bread but lacked the time to make it. Holy COW they are charging a small fortune for bread these days! 4+ dollars just to get a loaf that isn't one of the cheapy ones (and those cost 2+)? Who came up with THAT idea? Can I get in on that scam? So I just want to say this: don't be lazy. Make your dough ahead of time and store it in the freezer so you can pop a loaf in the oven as needed. Then you won't be appalled to know you are spending more on a loaf of bread than you did on diet coke. And that's all I have to say about that.

Here's what I spent!


$3.99 - bread (seriously, that's just ridiculous)
$3.50 - diet coke (see?)
$1.98 - goldfish (I just couldn't cope w/o the junk food anymore)
$2.49 - kalamata olives
$0.40 - tomato
$1.99 - sharp cheddar cheese
$5.29 - salami (it always weirds me out to pay this much for mass-produced salami, but their hard salami is surprisingly good so I suck it up and buy it sometimes anyway)

Total: $19.64


  1. ooh, *olives*. That's a really good price, actually. There's a serious shortage of pickled foods here at casa de j. I'll have to fix that next time I get paid- so next week, I guess...

    $4 a loaf? you're getting like, organic bread for that, right? no preservatives, with seeds or herbs or something, right? I think you'd not spend much more to get really good bread from whole foods bakery or something. That's forking crazy...

  2. Yeah, I was really surprised by how cheap they were too. I have an abundance of pickled foods over here. But I eat them with nearly every meal, so that's not a huge shock to me.

    I don't know if it was organic (didn't look). But the store was basically broken up into two kinds of breads: $2 gross white bread, and $4 everything else. Normally I stay on top of my bread needs and just bake as I need. But I was so busy I didn't get around to it. And thus I paid a $4 poor-planning-penalty.


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