Summer Plan Update

This week was not so good for me, in terms of planning. Also in terms of junk food. I completely spaced getting something out of the freezer to eat one day, but by the time I realised it there wasn't enough time left to deal with it and still get to work on time. So I stopped at McDonald's and got a happy meal. It was freaking delicious, but not a really good use of my available funds. Then I had a candy bar episode at CVS, except this time without the CVS monies to cover it. So that happened too. Both of these events happened on the same day at the beginning of the week (my budget week goes Saturday through Friday), so I ended up leaving me with only slightly more than $5 for the remainder of the week. Fortunately, there wasn't a whole lot I really needed to buy (especially since I'm still well-stocked on brined foods). And also I won a free massive jar of synthetic iced tea from the grocery store, which was good because it gave me a "treat" that I didn't actually have to pay for. I'm far too lazy to be spending time looking about for deals and free food, but when they fall into my lap I don't complain. Not one bit.

It's starting to become clear that it's the fruit I'll have the most trouble using up. Although I have the whiteboard listing all the fruit, it just never occurs to me to open the freezer when I want fruit. So I do need to start thinking more about the fruit so I can avoid being saddled with nothing but fruit in the freezer at the end of summer. But let's not fret about that - I have ideas coming around the bend for you to see!

I'm going out of town on Friday, so I'll still be doing the $10 thing. However, I'll be spending more money than my allotted money, so I can stock the foods and drinks my house-and-dog-sitter prefers. I haven't decided yet if I will itemise just my food, or if I'll do both and just set them as separate categories. I guess we'll know when we cross that bridge. But I wanted to let you know.

This week, I spent:

McDonald's happy meal - $2.70
Take 5 candy bars - $1.79
Cheetos - $1.79
Orange juice - $1.15
Pesto sauce - $1.99

Total: $9.42


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