OXO Canisters

I won some canisters from OXO, and they arrived this week. They are freaking amazing. They're airtight, and neither a hassle to open nor to close. I'm using them to hold things which I don't use often but which are prone to staling (i.e., oats, cocoa powder, cereal, etc.). I just wanted to mention this to you guys in case you were on the lookout for new cabinet/pantry containers. I'm not being compensated in any way (other than the fact I got some free containers, but that wasn't contingent on a review), but I just thought you should know these things rock.

I used their picture from the website (which I hope they don't get mad about), since I still have one container I haven't decided what to fill with yet. Plus, their picture is all styled and pretty and stuff.


  1. My only complaint is that eventually the gasket will go -- I'll go to pick up the flour canister and the top will fall off. Granted, they are 2 years old for me by now...


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