POM-Pomme Granita

It's so hot here already. Summer didn't even consider waiting for spring to be over. In fact, I don't think spring even happened this year. It's sad. My tomato plants are definitely going to stop producing with this insane heat. As I mentioned yesterday, the POM Wonderful people sent me juice to play with. With the heat, I can only thing of cold things to do with it (okay, that's a lie - I've thought of other things, but the thought of roasting lamb right now is more than I can bear). And a granita sounded really lovely to be eating after time outside with the dog. Even his fur is hot to the touch when we come back in from playing in the yard.

Anyway, I like granitas because they don't actually ask you to deal with special equipment - just a whisk and/or fork and a pan. They don't take too too long to make, and they're light, refreshing and delicious; perfect for a summer day. Like a snow cone, but not so cloyingly sweet. Hope you enjoy!

16 ounces pomegranate juice
8 ounces unsweetened applesauce

Whisk together juice and applesauce. Pour into a metal baking pan and put in the freezer. Every 30 minutes, whisk or stir the mixture and put back in the freezer (4 times). Let freeze the rest of the way, then scrape with a fork and serve. Serves 4 people or 1 person and 1 Francis.


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