Makdous Sandwich

I think I haven't bothered you all with the more exotic foods recently, but today is the day. Makdous. Probably my favourite of all the brined foods I've eaten (of which there are many). So much so that if I had to choose only one food to eat for the rest of my life, this would be it. I love makdous. I sing songs to makdous while I eat it and I do the "makdous dance." It's kind of stupid, but I love them that much. More, even, than olives. Who would've thought that was possible?

So, for those of you who don't know the joys of makdous, let me tell you about it. Makdous is a Levantine snack, that's made from eggplant, walnuts, garlic and chile (typically Aleppo pepper), then brined in olive oil. P won't eat them (or even try them!) because he doesn't eat grey foods. More for me, I say. They're just so amazing that I can't even describe it. Well, actually, I can: they're sweet, they're spicy, they're firm and crunchy yet soft, oily but not greasy, and just delicious. They're so good, it's almost criminal not to try them (but again, more for me if you don't). You can buy them in most Middle Eastern markets, in jars or in the bulk aisle where you get the loose olives. Apparently I was a wise, wise Allie, far before I started this challenge. Because, you see, I normally buy a pound of them every time I go to the market, but a couple months ago I bought a jar as my "back-up supply." And since I haven't been to the market in a couple weeks, this is a fortunate thing indeed. For those of you without a good market to buy them at, I offer you Mercedes' recipe, Marianna's recipe and Chachi's recipe for them. They are well worth making. Really, just do whatever you have to in order to get some makdous in your life.

Anyway, onto the sandwich. Normally I get a makdous and I put it in my mouth and I do the dance and I sing (quietly) and I chew. And it's a wonderful, wonderful experience. But then, I heard about a place in Baltimore that makes a sandwich from them (which made me consider moving to Baltimore), and I thought I should just make my own sandwiches instead of moving to another state to eat them. So, here they are. You could be cool and add some chopped tomatoes or lettuce to your sandwich if you want to, but I'm not cool so I didn't. Hope you enjoy!

1 pita, warmed slightly
3 makdous, chilled
1/8 cup feta crumbles
a little drizzle of makdous oil

Put the makdous in a row in the middle of the pita bread. Top with the feta, then drizzle with some oil the makdous is stored in. Fold up your pita and eat with relish (relish as in delight, not as in the food type). Serves 1.

This picture is a little fuzzy, because my hand was moving toward my mouth when I was trying to take the picture. Sometimes my hands do things I'm not asking them to do. ;)


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