Italian Dressing Chicken

I think everyone knows this recipe, but I thought I'd post it just in case. When I first learned it, I learned it from someone who'd cut the chicken into little bite-sized bits before marinating and cooking it, but I hate dealing with raw chicken so I tend to cook my chicken in its current incarnation and then cut it afterward. Not always, but mostly. There is a big bag of chicken breasts in the freezer, and I took a large one out. I picked a big one so I'd only have to cook once in the day (and also because I have more beef barley soup to eat because it's thawed, and also more tortellini because it's already cooked so I didn't want to overwhelm myself with food to use up anymore than I already had done). What I really like about this recipe is that it requires absolutely nothing from me - some salad dressing, some chicken, some time and some heat. And that's it. Once it's done cooking I like to cut it into bits and serve it over rice. It's simple, but it's still quite tasty. With rice, it can also be stretched so serve more people. Even more so if you add some veggies. ;)

1 large boneless, skinless chicken breast
3/4 cup bottled Italian dressing (I buy the generic brand)

Pour the dressing over the chicken in a bowl, container or Ziplock bag. Put in the fridge and marinate for at least 2 hours or up to overnight. Heat a skillet (I used nonstick so as not to have to worry about oiling the pan, but you can use anything) to medium and pour the chicken and dressing in it. Cook 5-7 minutes, then flip and cook another 5-7 minutes. Double check to be sure the chicken is cooked through, then remove from heat. Cut into 1-2 inch pieces and serve over rice. Serves 2.

No picture today. I didn't anticipate eating this with a guest, so I spaced off taking a picture before I served the food. The very next time I make it, I'll post the picture.


  1. This is how my mom marinated chicken for fajitas growing up. It's simple, yet delicious.

  2. It really is surprisingly delicious considering how easy it is, isn't it? A definite favourite for lazy day cooking!


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