The Ultimate Snacking Box

No recipe today, per se. I just wanted to talk about my snack boxes. When I know I'm going to be somewhere for a long time, I generally bring a snack box. Being hypoglycemic means I actually have to pay attention to how often I eat (which I am occasionally lax about, for which my body punishes me). Loving food gives me the inclination to eat as often as possible. Since I'm a huge fan of snacking, I have spent a lot of time coming up with what I consider to be "the perfect snacks" and combinations of snacks. Below is one of my favourites of the perfect snack combinations.

I usually pack roughly the same things in my snack box these days. I've found this particular combination of foods has enough variety to keep me full and energized for a pretty good length of time, even when my activities are more grueling. The box I use is really similar to this one at the Container Store. In fact, the one in this picture is nicer than the ones they used to sell, and only 50 cents more expensive. My snack boxes have 3 bottom compartments in varying sizes and 1 large top compartment. I don't use a lunch box anymore because these little snack boxes are the perfect size and construction to hold a good variety and quantity of sizes, while occupying much less space in my bag.

In the square bottom compartment, I put:
1 orange, cut into eighths

In the long, rectangular bottom compartment, I put:
2 pieces of feta cheese
2 pieces of aged sheep cheese
2 pieces dry salami or lunch meat
15-20 lupini beans

In the smallest bottom compartment, I put:
3 picholine olives
5 nicoise olives
3 large lemon brined olives
4 kalamata olives
2 cocktail/brined onions

In the large top compartment, I put:
1 cut up nectarine or 3 strawberries
2 green almonds
1 small spinach borek (the ones I get are individual pies in triangles, containing only spinach, onion, lemon and salt in the breading. I buy them at Phoenicia for ~$0.35 each)

Other frequent additions/substitutions include:
oil-soaked sun dried tomatoes
cut up pita and hummus
baby carrots
cucumber slices (I prefer the Persian ones, as they need no peeling and have a delicate, sweet flesh with delicious, soft seeds)
extra meat and/or cheese
little can of V-8 (obviously not put in the box, but next to it)
mango slices or other extra fruits
piece of candy, typically 1 piece of good quality dark chocolate (this or this, usually - if you have a good chocolate you'd like me to try, I will happy accept samples and I will worship you for sending them to me!)
marinated artichoke hearts
roasted garlic
hard-boiled egg

It seems like a lot of food, but it's really not. Anyway, this is what I like to snack on. Aside from the benefit of getting to eat more food, I've noticed people tend to be really, really curious about the foods in here, which gives me an extra opportunity to expose people to new foods they might otherwise have been unwilling to try. So it's pretty much a win, n my book.


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