Sunday Storage

This week I've used up some stuff I actually remember. So proud. :)

I used:

2 pounds pasta
2 chicken breasts
all but one batch of the pizza dough I'd frozen (huh. That means I need to make more dough, doesn't it?)
2 pounds mozarrella
lots of tomato sauce (homemade sauce for pizza/pasta, not the little cans of tomato sauce)
some canned tomatoes
a tin of anchovies
lots of pickles
most of the pesto

I guess I've mostly been eating pizza and puttanesca this week. I didn't actually realise that until I wrote out this list. Interestingly, I discovered a loaf of bread in the freezer that I didn't remember having, so probably this coming week will be a lot of french toast and grilled sandwiches. If any of them are interesting I'll be sure to let y'all know.


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