Saturday Spending

So once again, I didn't make it to the store. I still have piles of food in the fridge (and pantry, of course, though that goes without saying). At this point I'm pretty much just doing what I can to not waste food. My freezer is stuffed (which is kind of sad, since I really would like to buy some ham while it's on sale), my fridge is packed (even if you disregard the fullness of the "pickles" shelf), the pantry is still full and of course I've still got bins of food in my closet. There's so much I'm actually a little overwhelmed by it all. Now, it probably wouldn't be this packed if I wasn't living alone again, but I am. And I am just one woman with too much food. Hence I can't justify grocery shopping. Well, unless I run out of oranges. Then I can, of course.

Now that I've said this, I want to say something else. I lied. I have been to the store. I just didn't go to the store to do my own grocery shopping. I went with my friend so I could show her where the food was, at the grocery store. We went through and looked at things she buys (and what's in them). The one that threw me off was the bread section. I expected white bread to be full of unpronouncables. I didn't expect the "good" breads to be full of non-food. Interestingly enough, the only bread we found that actually was food was the rye bread. All the rest were non-food. I just didn't know about all this, since as you know I've bought bread like, once in the past year. Maybe even longer. If you want to keep up with her adventures in purging processed food from her life and putting real food in, check out her blog, Is It Real Food?

So on to the totals for May:

Money spent: $0.
Weekly allotment: $20
Monthly allotment: $80
Amount over weekly allotment: $0
Amount over monthly allotment: $0
Remaining balance: $80


  1. Zomg, *only* real food? That means only plain, unflavored chips, and "natural" soda. Pleh. And no mystery food. And.. um... No vegan hotdogs or processed cheese?

    Ok, so it's not that bad, actually.

    I think as a woman living alone in a house full of food you need to throw a dinner party. I hear it's *the* way to burn through food without having to eat it all yourself. Plus, guests bring the wine.

  2. Lol. Of course, she can eat whatever she likes. But now she can make informed decisions. I'm really excited that she's actually been cooking, eating leftovers, etc.

    I think you're right - I haven't had a dinner party in a while, and I'm probably overdue. Good call, j!


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