Puttanesca Pizza

I'm not sure exactly how this happened, but I managed to make too little pasta to go with the pot of Puttanesca sauce. I considered making more pasta (too lazy), tossing the last of the sauce in the freezer to use when I got around to it (meh), but then I decided that since I already had a thawed pizza dough in the fridge, I might as well just use that and have a nice briny pizza. Yum. Of all the weird pizzas I've subjected you guys to, I think this one was the easiest. Here's how it goes. Hope you enjoy!

1 pizza dough
3/4 cup Puttanesca sauce
handful of cheese (optional)

Pat out dough into a round. Top with sauce and cheese, if using. Bake 10 minutes at the hottest temperature your oven goes to (I rotate the pizza halfway through). Serves 1-2.


  1. Allie, off topic:

    I'm making your Spiced Fig Vinegar and I had a question. Why do you have to strain it at one week? Could it stay longer? Sooner? Does it make a big difference? I'm leaving the chive vinegar for several weeks, so I was curious about the difference.

  2. You don't have to strain it at one week. I do one week on that one because although you can leave the figs longer, they start to break down much faster after that point (which means you'll wind up needing to strain it soon anyway). When I've tried straining before a week has passed it never really tastes right.

    I always leave herb vinegars to steep a lot longer too. But the fruit ones I tend to pull a little sooner, mostly for ease in straining.


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