Saturday Spending

Once again, I did not go to the grocery store. I drive by it often enough, and I know there's stuff I want in there. But I still have SO MUCH STUFF in my house that I just can't justify it, still. I have one orange left (the status of oranges being the mark of when I'll go to the store again). I am out of Triscuits (this makes me sad), but I could just make my own crackers if I really need to eat piles of banana peppers on crackers. Oh, and I'm nearly out of bread flour. However, I still have 3(?) bags of dough in the freezer and the one in the fridge that I need to bake this week. Plus lots of other types of flour. So... yeah. I do kind of wish I had a zucchini so I could stew it with some tomatoes I need to use, but again, there is SO MUCH FOOD in the house that the little things I want should take a backseat position to the ones I already have.

What's weirdest about this is that I've mostly been eating all my meals at home, but other than a pizza I made, I can't for the life of me remember what I've eaten. So I'm assuming it's stuff I'd already told you about in the past, otherwise I'd have posted something this week. :) It's also possible that my end of semester extreme sleep deprivation experiment just eliminated my short-term memory and that I did eat something interesting but lost it somewhere in the recesses of my brain. The semester is now over though, so I'm looking forward to doing more cooking and probably some more entertaining (though I've had people in and out studying and eating for the last week or two).

Anyway, that's a very long-winded, rambly (is that even a word?) explanation for why it's halfway through the month and I've yet to buy groceries.

The totals (upside: totals are super easy when you spend no money):

Money spent: $0.
Weekly allotment: $20
Monthly allotment: $80
Amount over weekly allotment: $0
Amount over monthly allotment: $0
Remaining balance: $80


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