Saturday Spending

Once again, I didn't go to the store. I think at this point I really do need to go, since I'm very nearly out of produce. Down to one orange (again), an acorn squash, one onion, one tomato and a bell pepper; I'm out of both celery and carrots. I did discover I had a lime, too. I'll get them sometime this week if I remember.

I think there's something wrong with me that I'm kind of enjoying the fact that I haven't been to the store in a month. Aside from some produce, I probably could go just as easily a second month (probably longer, though I'd likely run out of meat at that point). We'll see what happens though, with that. It is saving me money, which is good. And it's also forcing me to use food storage which is another good thing.

Now that it's June, I'm ready to start figuring out my summer budget for food. I believe I'm going to do $10 per week again (or $40 a month) as I did last summer. I'll probably do the same thing as last summer where I have to count eating out as part of my weekly budget. Though maybe I'll allow myself one meal out per week with friends so I can keep having a social life that includes food (as opposed to my beer budget which does not appear to be open to reduction for the summer).

So there you go. Perhaps next week I'll actually have groceries to tell you about?


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