Three Bean Cholent

Okay, I'm kind of a liar. This isn't really a cholent. I mean, I didn't add any rice or barley, and there's not much by way of meat. But whatever. It's close enough and was cooked the same way. I'm not really even sure why I was craving cholent, though I suspect it happened the moment I read "low 29F" on

Did you guys know I used to hate beans? I mean, seriously; I hated them like Pythagoras hated them (okay, that's kind of a lie too since I never thought they were evil). I'm not entirely sure what happened to me to change my mind, since I suspect the beans haven't changed a bit. But as you know, I've been sitting somewhere near 30 pounds of beans, this seemed like a good way to use up a bunch. I didn't have any raw meat in the house, so I just cut up some jerky instead. Plus, I could eat it for days and not be sad.

1 cup dry adzuki beans (little red ones)
1 cup dry lima beans
1 cup dry black eyed peas
2 carrots, cut up
3/4 cup each: chopped, cooked sweet potato and chopped celery
1/2 onion, cut up
4 cups water and broth mixture (I used half chicken broth and the half water)
1 15-ounce can whole tomatoes, including liquid
1/2 cup beef jerky, cut into 1/2" or so pieces
salt to taste
3 dried limes (omani)

Put the beans in bowls and soak overnight (or all day, as the case may be). Combine all the ingredients in a large casserole dish and cover with a lid. Bake at 275 overnight, then eat for lunch. Serves 8.


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