Saturday Spending

It's a little weird when you realise you've got a house full of exotic ingredients but you're missing basics such as peanut butter. Does that happen to you guys ever? I'm glad I was made aware that I was missing this, though. Next time I make spring rolls I'll be able to make a proper sauce. This week's spending involved missing staples, stuff to make stew and a lot of junk food.

On to the spending.


$1.19 - eggs
$2.99 - shelf stable milk (4 little ones, since I rarely need more than a cup at a time to make stuff)
$2.07 - kosher salt
$2.48 - triscuits (I was really craving triscuits with banana peppers again)
$2.50 - ding dongs
$0.69 - large mango (seriously? awesome deal)
$1.45 - creamy peanut butter
$0.69 - 1 can crushed tomatoes
$0.68 - crystal's hot sauce
$1.02 - salad mix
$0.50 - cucumber
$0.84 - potato

Total: $16.41


  1. Running out of basics? Oh yeah, that happens here. However, it's usually just one thing at a time because I watch the sales. When the peanut butter goes on sale, I buy as much as I'll use before the expiration date. I have paying full price!

  2. Sadly, the peanut butter wasn't even something I ran out of. It's something I forgot to start my life in the new place with, entirely. I mainly only use it for sauces so I just forgot all about it until I needed it. :)

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