Saturday Spending

Has anyone noticed that the new way of drafting posts on Blogger is a little spotty and weird? Or is it just me? I preferred the way it used to be set up.

I know. Off topic. Turns out there's a Save-a-Lot by my new apartment, so I went in there to check it out and pick up some stuff. I like that things are quite inexpensive there, but I'm not fond of the severely limited choices. So I'm not sure if I'll keep shopping there, since I feel like I can get comparable prices at other supermarkets (so long as I pay attention to what's on sale and stuff) without relinquishing my ability to have more than one option for each item.

Usually during my summer challenges (where the budget is far lower than it is now), I include eating out in my weekly money. Which basically means I don't really get to go out ever, unless someone is feeling generous enough to feed me in exchange for my company (which does happen, but not often enough for me to actually get to see my friends if eating out is part of my grocery budget). But it occurred to me that I'd kind of like to have a social life, so I'm trying to work out a monthly budget for eating out. More on that later once I've determined how I should do it.

Anyway, on to the spending. Aside from a bit of produce, I mostly got some staple items I like to keep in the house, and milk for the rice pudding.


$1.69 - dill pickle slices
$0.10 - one lime
$1.59 - massive avocado (seriously? That was pretty expensive but I decided to go for it anyway)
$0.33 - large onion
$0.53 - sweet potato (Francis is with me this weekend, so he'll be delighted to share this treat with me)
$0.89 - radishes (for wakame salad and the greens for something else)
$0.99 - ramen
$0.37 - tomato
$1.77 - 3 cans of tuna in water

Total: $8.26


$0.99 - milk
$1.15 - buttermilk

Total: $2.14

Gas Station:

$0.99 - chips

Total: $0.99

Total spending: $11.39


  1. Yeah, save-a-lot is really good for some veggies, but if you have a good, cheap, local mexican grocery, the produce is probably about the same in price and quality. But when you really need cheapo white rice, or frozen veg and the "real" grocery is at full price that week, it's a nice save.

    Also, it's the only place around me where there is *always* a 48oz bottle of veggie oil for $2. Nice thing to find, no?

    Otherwise, nice shopping list for the week, let me know how the pickles are. I'd kill for some about now, but I'm not paying $4 for something that'll be gone in an hour....

  2. Yeah, that's exactly what I thought - I live next to Mexican stores, Persian stores, African stores, Asian stores (Vietnamese and Chinese) and Indian stores. All of which sell things very cheaply. But $2 for veg oil is a good thing to know! I too was kind of thinking of Save-a-Lot as the alternate, "what I need is not on sale elsewhere" place. It's nice to know it's there if I need to go there, though.


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