Saturday Spending

Oops. I went over this week. Only by about 3 dollars, which is fine since I'm usually under by more than that. But nonetheless, it still happened. Mostly because I decided I wanted some meat in the house, in the form of a large bag of chicken breasts. I like to keep those bags of chicken around because when I want meat, it's very convenient to just take a little out and go from there. Then the fruit section captured me. I had already mango and pumello so watermelon and blueberries seemed like the perfect way to round out the fruit salad I wanted to make. I used to always eat a bowl of fruit salad for breakfast, and I'd like to get back to doing that. But okay, I'm lying. The chicken isn't the reason I went over. The reason is that I had some potatoes and I wanted to bake them and put chili on them (and then I saw the least expensive can of palm hearts I've ever seen in my life). THAT is really how I went over. Regardless, here's the spending for the week. :)


$1.00 - 2 cans stewed tomatoes
$1.00 - 2 cans diced tomatoes
$1.00 - 2 cans crushed tomatoes
$1.50 - banana peppers
$6.99 - chicken tenders (3 pounds)
$2.39 - corned beef hash
$1.88 - blueberries
$2.69 - Frank's hot sauce
$1.49 - watermelon

Total: 19.94

99 Cent Store:

$2.00 - Chili
$1.00 - Palm hearts

Total: 3.00
Grant total: 22.94


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