Chicken Pesto

I think I might not be getting enough protein lately, so I decided to get into that bag of chicken to work on the problem. I also have some pesto left over from when Sarah and I made it at her house, and it seemed like a good idea to use the pesto as a sort of paste to marinate the chicken. I had this with rice, but I think it'd be equally good with pasta. Mainly I had it with rice so as to be able to use even more pesto. :) Once again, this is a pretty quick and easy meal. You could put the pesto on the chicken, then go to work and it'll be ready to cook when you come home. I just let it hang out in the fridge while I got some work done here at home. I had a lot of research to do in a pretty short period of time (because apparently I've turned into a massive procrastinator), so it was a good work day meal for me.

As an aside, I cannot figure out if my neighbour's kid is taking singing lessons, or if they just listen to really bad music. A lot. Like, the same three songs, over and over. Just sayin'.

Also, I wanted to mention something unrelated to chicken (well, kind of). Some of you might be really interested in fitness and weight loss and stuff, and so I wanted to point out that I've got an affiliate link up for bodyrecomposition (the link in this post is NOT an affiliate link) on the side-bar over there (-->). The first edition of his Rapid Fat Loss book contained recipes I'd written (that's my direct link to that specific book), though they were later removed for a variety of reasons. Perhaps I'll post some of them here at some point. Lyle McDonald, the owner of the site, does some really amazing and reliable work that's founded in science instead of the hocus-pocus, magic-pill nonsense that never actually helps anyone. I really believe in his work, so I definitely recommend his books. And not just because I get a kick-back if you buy one using my affiliate link. If you don't feel comfortable buying his stuff using my affiliate link, just go to his website and buy it from there so you can still get his great information without worrying about me getting a kick-back. Or check out his free forum to find out more information before you buy stuff. (the chicken is only kind of unrelated, because working out sorts of people tend to eat a lot of chicken; I'm a corned beef hash kind of girl, myself).

Anyway, back to the food. Simple, yum, not expensive. Hope you enjoy!

2 chicken tenders (or 1 breast)
1/2 cup pesto

Slather the pesto all over the chicken and toss it in the fridge. When you get done working, put it in a frying pan (with the pesto) and cook over medium heat about 5 minutes per side, or until the chicken is done. Cut the chicken up and serve it all over pasta or rice. Serves 1-2.


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