Camping Cookies

I just finished making the cookies for the camping trip. What camping trip? P and I have an annual vacation/camping trip to go to Flipside. We look forward to it all year. The living room is filled with camping gear and dry pantry goods. I've prepared a menu. I've also made cookies - crispy oatmeal raisin cookies from Martha Stewart's cookie book, and another go at cranberry-ginger biscotti. The base recipe was from Delicious Living, though I changed it around a fair amount (away went the cinnamon, I used fresh cranberries and cut them in half, plus considerably more ginger, different flour and dried egg white).

Tomorrow, we head up to Austin, where we spend one night at SJ's house making ~150 spring rolls (vegetarian, though), and then go to Flipside Thursday. So there won't be any posts from me until after Memorial Day.

In the event you all are curious what's on the menu, here it is:

Dinner: Fried Scallops in a Buerre Blanc-Lemon Sauce and Mushroom-Artichoke Risotto

Breakfast: French Toast and Bacon
Lunch: Grilled, Spiced Portabellas, Tabouleh, Hummus
Dinner: Filet and Grilled Vegetables

Breakfast: Bagels and Cream Cheese plus Strawberries in Cream with Vanilla Sugar
Lunch: Leftover Tabouleh and Hummus
Dinner: Black Bean Stir Fry

Sunday (easy food day):
Breakfast: Corned Beef Hash, Bagels with Cream Cheese
Lunch: Mama Nellie's Homemade Tamales
Dinner: Hebrew National Hotdogs

Monday we pack and go, so we'll probably just eat fruit and olives for breakfast. Hope you all have a great holiday!


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