Summer Plan Update

I wound up with 9, count 'em, 9 Extra Care dollars this week. Which, naturally, I did not use to buy real food. Instead, I spent them ALL on junk food. Hopefully that'll last me a while. Because really, it's a lot. New rule: Even when I have lots of CVS monies, I am only allowed to buy one junk food item per week. Period. My junk food addiction is getting out of hand, and I might actually be eating more junk than real food, so limiting it is the newest change to my rules.

There wasn't anything I could think of off the top of my head that I needed to buy, so I decided to replace some things I was out of or running low on, this week. Naturally, I forgot I needed onions, so that's on my list for next week. Even though I had 40 cents to spare, you just never know with onions so I put it off. I found a couple shallots in the pantry, and I also have dried onions (not to mention some frozen whole onions) so I figured those could make up for the missing fresh ones. I'm also nearly out of celery, so that goes on next week's list. You guys know to wrap and store your celery in foil, right? It keeps it from getting limp for a really long time.

In terms of my progress, I think I've done pretty well. I used up some of the frozen fruit, mainly by eating it by itself. I have plans to make some tart(s) that will make use of the remaining frozen blueberries. We'll see if that really happens, but I did pull the blueberries from the freezer (the "we'll see" really comes down to how much self-control I have which might keep me from eating them by themselves). That leaves me, basically, with a little bit of frozen mango, a bag of frozen mixed fruit (which is delightful by itself once thawed), some frozen bananas and many, many bags of cranberries. Still. I'm not really sweating the cranberry thing, since I had a lot and I don't see any reason to be in a rush to go through those this far before Thanksgiving (when they're always on sale). Oh, and the lemon rinds. Of course. I always have lemon rinds in the freezer, it seems.

In terms of veggies in the freezer, I'm down to half a bag of corn, and half a bag of peas. I also have half a bag of whole onions. Plus a whole bunch (5 cups, I think) of pumpkin. Since I bought some ricotta, I'll make some pumpkin shells to use up some of that, which is always nice. There might be some cream cheese I can add to that as well, but I'll have to double-check.

In terms of meat, I have a sausage link left, a package of Hebrew Nationals (how I want to eat them now), bacon, salt pork, chicken and a couple filets of tilapia (which I realised the other day I've been misspelling for years. How embarrassing). The dogs bones, of course, are in the freezer too, but those belong to Francis and not me so I can't really count them. Oh yeah, plus the chorizo and the hamburger meat; I forgot about those since I didn't buy them for me. So I'm looking good on meat. For some reason, I want to eat it all, today. All the meat. I'm not really sure what the deal with that is, since I normally only have meat 1-2 times a week. But whatever.

I took the tapioca starch out of the freezer. Now I just need to convince myself to do the work involved in making those little breads. Did I post that recipe before? I can't remember. But I'll look, and if not I'll post it when I make it. It's not my recipe but it's most definitely worth making (despite all the work it is). The starch is on my counter, but I also have a big test on Monday, so... we'll see how it all works out. :) I still have all the special (including whole wheat) flours in the freezer, but I added brown rice to it. I ran out last week, but thought I should go ahead and grab that at the store and get it in there so if I want brown rice later I won't be out of it.

There's some miscellaneous stuff I'd like to use up soon. I have a whole bunch of egg whites, and I think I might make some meringues, but I don't know. It's always possible, of course, that I'll get tired of looking at them and make some weird egg white (mixed with real egg so it has flavour) omelet or something. With bacon. I need some more fat in my diet. I have a lot of lard and tallow in the fridge, which I haven't been using but which I will start using if I don't stop craving fat soon. I feel like I could eat a stick of butter by itself. Have you guys had this problem before? Even after I ate the sausage earlier in the week I still was craving it. Perhaps I need to wean myself off the chips so I can stop craving fat all the time. I have no idea, really.

Anyway, enough babble and onto the spending.

This week I spent:


1 bag cheese puffs: free
1 bag Doritos: free
1 bag Combos: free
1 box ACT microwave popcorn: free
1 box Junior Mints: free
1 box Lays cheese and chili flavour (NEW flavour!!!): free
1 bag Munchos: free

From Kroger:

18 eggs - $0.99
Banana peppers - $1.39
1 pound butter - $1.99
15-ounce container ricotta - $2.49
Orange juice - $1.15
2 pounds brown rice - $1.59

Total: $9.60


  1. I did not know that wrapping celery in foil would keep it from going limp. Thanks for the tip!

  2. It works really well, Beth. I'd say it probably extends the life of celery a couple weeks over the norm. Possibly more, depending on your fridge.


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