BPT Sandwich

You have no idea what that is, do you? Don't feel bad. I didn't either, until I made it up. It's a bacon, pita and tuna sandwich. If you think bacon with tuna salad is weird, you are not alone. Everyone seems to think it's weird until they eat it. But really, they're perfect together. Anyway, I have all this "new" pita, so I didn't see the point in taking normal bread out of the freezer when I could just make a tasty wrap instead. So that's what I did. Hope you enjoy!

1 pita
1 line of mustard (or I guess mayo if you're into that sort of thing)
3/4 cup tuna salad
1-3 slices of bacon (your call; I went with 1 slice this time, but sometimes I like as many as 3 slices of bacon per sammie)
handful banana peppers (optional)
cheese (optional)

Lay out the pita. Put the tuna salad along the middle. Top with the line of mustard, then add the bacon and banana peppers. Roll up, like a wrap or like a burrito. Eat. Serves 1.


  1. I was sure it was bacon, pasta, and tomato sammich. But bacon, pita, and tomato could work too. Bacon (real or fake) with canned tuna, though? I'm having trouble with that one. Note- bacon, sliced (good) tuna steak, and tomatoes would probably make a wicked good sammich, for the meat eating types.

    I know bacon goes with everything (even ice cream and chocolate), but this may be pushing that rep a bit far.

  2. I feel ya. Everyone gives me really funny looks when I order and eat these sandwiches, so I make them taste (if they eat meat). Then they're like, "Oh! You're not crazy. About this, anyway." But I can't really get behind the bacon w/ desserts trend.

    Oh, tuna steak nom. Want.

  3. Hi Allie,

    I live in Houston, too. I don't think that bacon and tuna salad is weird. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I worked for Subway and had a tuna salad sandwich with bacon and jalapenos everyday for lunch.

    Thanks for reminding me how great they taste.

  4. Tammy, I've never tried the sandwich with jalapenos, but I think next time I go to Subway I'll have to. I really love their tuna/bacon sammies. A little too much, really. And, you're welcome!


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