Summer Plan Update

Well, I'm actually in Chicago now. But I still wanted to let you know how things were going. I used up all the pita. Can you imagine? Despite the billion loaves that kept cropping up all over the freezer, I still managed to get through them all. Too bad so sad. I might need to get some more. There is some bread in there, though, so I probably won't get more pita until that's gone too (which means I'll likely be switching to odd grilled cheese type things instead of pita roll-ups).

Originally I hadn't intended to spend any money this week on groceries, since I really didn't need anything. My intention was to load up on junk food OR to treat myself to an inexpensive meal out. But instead, I realised that I have an entire $10 that I could use to buy things that aren't in my budget during normal weeks (because they take up the entire $10). So that's what I did. Instead of getting junk food. I didn't buy myself a single bag of chips all week. It was hard. It was even harder not eating the chips I got for my friend. You just have no idea how tough it is for me to see chips in the house and not eat them. It made for a sad, sad Allie. However, it seemed like a good plan since if I have money left over each week, it's just "gone" instead of carrying it over to the next week (it's a dumb rule I made for myself). Carry-overs only happen if I spend too much money on food; then it gets taken out of my next week's budget. You can see why I don't want to overspend on any given week. ;)

Anyway, I did really well on my spending this week (also on my junk food problem). This week, I spent:

Sausage (yeah, I'm addicted to sausage): $3.98 (I got 2 links which will make 4 meals)
Tortellini (the kind in a box): $5.98 (2 boxes; it wasn't on sale, but they also will make 4 meals)

Total spending: $9.96


  1. Congratulations on a chip-free week. When there is food around that I should avoid, I find covering it with a dishtowel so that I cannot actually see it helps. Less temptation.

  2. Sounds like a plan to me!! I love sausage too;)
    ~Thank you~

  3. Chile,

    That's an excellent idea. I'll have to investigate if I can use that method without cheating (because I think about junk food all the time, so of course I'd know it was there)!

    Chef Chuck,

    Isn't sausage great? I don't know if I could live without it. Okay, if I had to choose between sausage and olives, I'd give up sausage. But otherwise, not so much.


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