Grapefruit and Blueberry Bowls

You guys wondered what was going to happen with that grapefruit curd, didn't you? I fretted for a while over what to do with it, but happily, curd lasts ages in the fridge so you have time to think about it. Initially, I was going to make little mini tarts with it. But the texture was off a little and I thought it'd be rude to serve those to people. Bringing oddly textured curd to class isn't going to be helping my grade any, I'm quite sure. ;)

At the end of the day, I decided to pretend it was yogurt. It doesn't have the same texture as yogurt, so that's not why. But what it does have, is breakfast appeal. I figured I could load myself up on curd in the morning before class, and then I might not be sleepy (thank you, sugar high) by the time class was over. Which means I'd get my studying done a lot sooner in the day than I previously had been. As I mentioned before, I thawed out all those yummy blueberries. Since they're in season, you should use fresh berries in your curd if it's within budget. But they're not in my budget, and I'm trying to use up the frozen fruit (did I mention I discovered a massive stock of canned fruit in the fruit bin of the fridge? Something else to think about). So frozen it was for me. Anyway, this is a pretty simple breakfast meal, and it follows the same principle as stirring some fruit into your yogurt. Hope you enjoy!

1 recipe grapefruit curd
1 1/2 - 2 cups frozen or fresh blueberries

Stir the berries into the curd. Put into little bowls for individual servings, or keep in one big bowl to serve family style. Serves 4-8.

This is not even remotely pretty, but it tastes good.


  1. I'm vaguely disturbed that you're discovering massive collections of things in your refrigerator. This is just a normal household fridge, right? Not a restaurant sized walk-in? Do you have a fridge-of-holding? If you do, where can I get one?

    Oh, and the grapefruit/ blueberry mix doesn't look very good, but it sounds like it'd taste amazing.

  2. Yeah, it's a normal fridge (this is my fridge: I think I have squirrel-like tendencies, and I put things in places that I later forget are there. It was like, 10 cans of fruit I didn't even remember buying. I kind of feel like I have a fridge-of-holding, though (awesome reference, btw!). Also too, as my fridge becomes emptier (and I am relying more on pantry items), I'm just actually able to SEE what's in there that I hadn't previously been able to, which is the main reason I keep finding these bizarre collections of things.

    It looks completely disgusting. But it really is yummy. I just close my eyes before I take a bite.


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