Saturday Spending

Not a ton of spending this week, but a couple incidentals. Ross didn't know there was chicken in the freezer until I said, "hey, while you're at the store would you get chicken too? We're almost out." "Almost?!?" was his response. Evidently he didn't know that we had meat in the house, since I haven't cooked it in a month or more. I need to make a massive produce and rice trip, but I'll get to it when I have time to really stock the pantry again. So here's how it went.


$7.99 - 4 pounds chicken breast
$3.78 - gallon milk (ew)
$0.00 - butter (yay Kroger for free stuff)
$3.48 - orange juice (have y'all ever tried campari and orange juice? So much love)
$5.38 - 10 pounds bread flour

total: $20.63


  1. Ugh we just had our worst grocery trip in a while -- $125. :-( My guy and I are not planning on going back for a long while...

  2. Ouch, DC. I'm gonna have one of those coming up soon, since I've let the pantry get so empty.


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