Food Waste Friday

This week? Not perfect. Interestingly enough, as I was cleaning down the bread table, I discovered there was a large piece of cake that snuck by us. I think the cake was probably several weeks old. It hadn't molded somehow (which is particularly strange given the humidity in Houston - magic cake, huh?), but it looked so tremendously stale I opted against eating it (or making Ross eat it; he said he'd had a piece the day before and that it was quite stale but that he'd muscle through that one if I really wanted him to. He's a good garbage disposal). So we wasted that. But that's it, so I'm comfortable with this level of waste. I'm taking it mostly as a lesson to look under foil covers and the like to make sure nothing is escaping me.

And, just FYI, recipes should be resuming again next week. I've got three piled up from this week for you, and although I'm spending most of the weekend away from my kitchen (we're going to this rodeo cook-off thing, which I don't know much about I guess because I'm from California and not Texas, but evidently it's quite a big event in Houstonian culture, plus of course too much work, and my Sunday tutoring job that always results in an amazing sandwich from Victor's, something I'll never be sad to eat, plus prepping for my French exam with friends which necessarily will involve some sort of yummies; hopefully at House of Pies, and my homework, of which there is a LOT), it's possible I'll cook some other stuff too before Monday rolls around. Anyway, once I get caught up, there'll be a string of recipes for y'all to enjoy. Some bergamot, and some not (I know some of y'all are probably tired of the bergamot, even if I'll never be tired of it).

How'd y'all do in the waste department this week?


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