So, bergamade. It's basically the same as lemonade, except, well... with bergamot. Of course. Because what isn't better with bergamot (if you know the answer, don't tell me; I'll think you're telling fibs anyway)? It's sweet. It's sour. It's musky. It's wonderful. I like to drink it a lot, though I normally only drink it when I've got fresh oranges. I have fresh oranges, so.... :) Hope you enjoy!

1/2 cup bergamot juice (this for me was two oranges) - reserve peels for another use
1/2 cup sugar (or... bergamot sugar!)
2 quarts water

Mix well. Chill. Drink. Serves one, unless you're generous.

Picture coming later. Also, it'll be a few days until my next post, as I need to read a couple books this week which really cuts into my cooking/posting time.


  1. So, I know I've probably asked this before... But...

    So, Earl Grey tea has bergamot for the flavor. I don't like the way that tastes. Are the fresh bergamots different, flavor-wise? It just seems too, I dunno, bitter, I guess, for me.

    Also, Google doesn't recognize bergamot as a word.

  2. Yeah, Earl Grey uses bergamot for its flavour, but it uses the peel rather than the juice. Strangely, I feel like the flavours of the juice and the peel are massively different. Juice is milder, acidic and only has a slight muskiness to it, whereas the flavour of the peel (due to the high amounts of essential oils in it) has a really, really strong flavour to it, making it more difficult to balance well in foods.

    I think you might, strangely enough, have a relatively easy time finding them if you look; they're in season now, and grow pretty easily in central and southern America.

  3. I'll have to look next time I'm at the market. It's totally possible I've been seeing them the entire time and just didn't know what I was looking at.

  4. Yeah, definitely. They tend to be a pretty bright orangish-yellow, with a tangello like top (though not always), but the smell gives them away every time, even when they look funny. It's musky and peppery and citrus-y all at the same time.


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