Bergamot Sugar

Alright, so I've decided to post this as a separate recipe, since y'all are going to see it in a few things. It's nice to have on hand, anyway. This method works really well with pretty much anything from herbs to all other citruses. I made a lot, because I have a lot of plans. It's good for baking, and also nice if you have some black tea that you want to turn into sweetened Earl Grey. I'm planning to take some iced Earl Grey made with this stuff to class when I bring them the upcoming shortbreads. Hope you enjoy!

2 pounds sugar
Rind (but not pith) of 1 bergamot orange

Put the sugar and the peel in a food processor or blender. Pulse/blend/whatever, until the bergamot is finely grated and fully integrated into the sugar. Put in a jar and use in all your bergamot-flavoured recipes. Makes 2 pounds.

Note: When you're done, you will have caster, or superfine, sugar. Therefore, if you opt to use it in baking, I'd recommend weighing the sugar instead of measuring volumetrically, so it doesn't mess up your recipes.


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