Earl Grey Tea

Okay, this is the simplest of recipes, and since it's tea, I won't be giving a picture. Plus, I'm already out of town camping by the time y'all get this, so there's that. Have a great weekend!

3-4 teaspoons black tea (I've been using osmanthus for this)
20-25 ounces water heated to between 190F and 200F
1-2 tablespoons bergamot sugar

Heat water, and pour it over tea. Put sugar in your teapot (not the one you're steeping in, but the one you're pouring your cups from). Wait three minutes, then drain tea from spent leaves into pot that has sugar in it. Stir, portion out, drink. Serves 2.


  1. Oh, you don't just say boiling water? I thought it was just the green teas that need the cooler water. I guess I just haven't been paying attention because I'm sure you must have said something about tea temperatures at one point or another.

  2. Nope. Boiling water really isn't good for either coffee nor tea. It's what people most commonly use, but by letting the water just be a touch cooler, it allows all the subtle nuances of the tea (and coffee!) to come out, with lowered astringency.

    You might have heard me rant most about the temperature for green tea, because it's a much bigger deal than with black. It's still important w/ black, but not so much so that I'd harp on someone if I saw them use boiling water. :)


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