Sunday Storage

So here's something interesting. Outside of my tea (of which I am down to about 5 pounds), dried mushrooms and kelp (okay, there're a few pounds of beans in here too), every single food item in the house fits... IN THE PANTRY. Yes, in the pantry. Like a normal person. So, given that I don't really have much to say about the pantry anymore, as I'm not trying to find ways to use up the pantry storage of excess, I think we're discontinuing Sunday Storage.

I feel a little sad about this.

Mostly, I feel a little sad that these out of control amounts of food, well... aren't, anymore.

However, whenever we live somewhere that's not housing two people in 652 square feet of space, I'll probably stockpile too much again. And then we can start the Sunday Storage posts again.

I think that is all on this matter.


  1. All in a pantry? A single small pantry? But what if you get busy and don't have time to shop for 6 months? Or you need the money for something else, something really important, like the internet bill?

    OTOH, Yay! you getted the numbers down, so you can have more room for people!

  2. Well, in fairness, my pantry is pretty big. It was one of the "selling features" of the apartment for me. And it's well, well stocked. And of course, there're all the beans and grains I have tucked away into jars that sit on the counter. So, y'know... there's probably still enough food here (minus flour; there's not NEARLY enough flour) to last... 3 months? Four if I was stretching.

    But yeah, I figure if I have money issues that might conceivably disrupt my food flow, I can definitely go back down to $40/month groceries and eat up the staples I've still got.

    How's your vacation going? Still on it?

  3. Still on it, still traveling. Still enjoying it, but thinking about setting myself up for a change later in the year. Either a couple months in the States, or spend some time in Europe or something.

    Yeah, you've still got plenty, it just really doesn't look like much, compared to what you started with.

  4. Oh, I'm excited for you that you're still traveling. So, so envious. These days I'm always just looking for my vacations where semesters allow for them.

    Definitely. It's a lot of food; it just doesn't feel like it since I'll never forget needing a separate room for all my foods.


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