Saturday Spending

This was definitely a spendy week. I hadn't been to Phoenicia in a while, and as typically happens when I go after a long spell without, I bought a bunch of stuff that there was really no need for me to buy. Such as a little cheese extravaganza. I also didn't get the two spices I meant to while I was there, malbeb and mastic. I guess I'll get those another time.


$3.69 - Pickled cubeb peppers
$2.00 - margoram
$2.49 - fava beans
$1.89 - dried apples
$2.50 - dried mango
$2.29 - semolina
$2.69 - sundried tomatoes
$2.75 - star anise
$6.49 - labneh
$4.20 - kasseri cheese (1/2 pound)
$8.66 - bulgarian feta (1 3/4 pound)
$1.21 - yali pears
$2.19 - eggs

subtotal: $43.05

Whole Foods:

$1.72 - cardamom pods
$4.99 - goat brei (this was awesome, btw)
$3.64 - parrano

subtotal: 10.35


$1.99 - beets w/ tops
$0.98 - red bell peppers
$0.83 - red onions
$1.78 - mushrooms
$4.98 - feta (yeah, I know; nearly 3 pounds of feta this week)
$3.48 - spring mix
$2.50 - pepperoni
$2.98 - orange juice

subtotal: $19.52

total: $72.92


  1. Allie, send me your address, I have a present I'd like to ship to you ASAP. I promise you'll love it! It's a thank you for the wonderful recipes I've used on your site. Lisa, MeadowoodDesigns

  2. Lisa, thank you! Would you mind sending me your email address (here or via my email at so I could send it to you privately? And thank you, again!

  3. Anonymous10:12 PM

    wow that feta killed your total

  4. Yep. The cheese always does kill my totals, Anon.


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