This isn't a "real" post, in that there aren't any recipes in it. Though later this week or early next, look forward to a baklava post. Anyway, I recently put in a tiny tomato plant. It grew quickly, has several tomatoes growing on it already, and about a billion new blooms. So even though it's not cooking, it is about food. Today, I wrestled on a tomato cage so it'd stop growing into my front yard and took some pictures for you all. I'm looking forward to a long season of freshly picked tomatoes. Whee! If I ever get some time, I'd like to put in an eggplant as well.

The Plant:

Growing Tomatoes:


  1. You're a genius! I love tomatoes and am thinking about buying a topsy turvy tomato plant for my balcony. I am on the top floor of the condo and there is full sunlight.

    I saw you had signed up at Half Hour Meals and wondered if you would consider submitting some of your delicious recipes and hanging out with us, from time-to-time in the community discussions.

  2. Theresa,

    Thanks so much! I can't see any valid reason not to try to grow some of your own on the balcony!

    I definitely would love to be more active on HHM, but with the hectic nature of my school schedule I don't think I could commit to a larger amount of participation at this time. When my schedule frees up, though, I'd be delighted to do so!


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