Food Waste Friday

And, another week with too much food waste goes by. I had the best of intentions, but it didn't work out. I am so embarrassed by all of this waste.

I lost:

14 ounce can tomatoes with chiles (this got opened by mistake and I never actually got around to making something with it like I meant to)
1 10-ounce bag spinach (I don't want to talk about this; it's completely embarrassing how it happened)
6 fingerling potatoes (I actually forgot these existed, and then I realised there were potato plants growing in my kitchen. If I had the space for a proper garden I would have planted them; unfortunately I don't)
1 red bell pepper (I just forgot this is in the fridge. I was poking through the fridge and discovered it and was going to eat it when I noted that it was.. well, very, very rotted).
a small but undetermined amount of smoked salmon (How did this get in my house? And why weren't there any bagels in the house to go with it? This would NEVER have been wasted had I known it existed; I have capers and everything)
3 tortillas


  1. Our food, and other, waste is higher than normal right now. But, three weeks after moving in, I still don't have the kitchen unpacked even halfway. So, we're eating "camp meals" and waaaay too much prepared food (frozen & take-out). I'm really looking forward to eventually producing less waste.

    It sounds like stuff is getting lost in your refrigerator. Would reorganizing it help? Or putting a dry erase board on it that lists what is in there that is perishable? (I do the second one...when I'm settled in.)

  2. Don't you hate it when there's a lot of waste happening? It makes me feel terrible to have thrown so much out.

    What's weird is that none of this stuff got lost in my fridge (excepting the salmon; I never bought that so I simply had no idea it was in there, hiding behind some juices and such; my guess is that P brought it back from camping and didn't tell me). The potatoes got lost on my counter amongst some tea I needed to put away, but everything else was sitting at eye level in the fridge. It truly was a situation where I knew I needed to use these things and I just kept putting it off until it ended up being too late.

    I think I would've felt less crappy about it if the stuff had simply gotten lost because then I could make a list or whatever. With this, it was simply laziness/lack of motivation that resulted in all the waste.

  3. How did the tortilla's go bad? We're they homemade?

  4. Ruby Leigh,

    They were homemade, but not by me. Unfortunately, Houston is so very, very humid that things you wouldn't expect to go bad quickly (like tortillas or pita bread) get moldy really fast if you don't eat them up within a couple days.

    That was a sad waste week for me. :(


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