Food Waste Friday

Yet again, not a perfect week. I still feel like I'm doing well, but not as well as I could be doing. Still plenty of room for improvement.

This week, I lost:

2 small onions (who got moldy. Huh)
1 small chunk of feta that I forgot was still in the fridge, about 1 ounce, maybe 2


  1. I lost 2 onions this week too...:-(

    On a brighter note, your baklava looks INCREDIBLE!!! :-)

  2. What's with the onions this week? They normally last until they're sprouting, but now we're both losing them? Very strange.

    Thanks, about the baklava! I barely ended up getting any (though I did sneak out a couple pieces), and P said, "I think I could get used to having baklava for breakfast." Lol.


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