Sad to be Neglecting You

Hi guys. I just wanted to let you know that I'm sad to be neglecting you so much. After the 5th, I'll be done with all of the semester save one final on the 13th. I have loads of things I want to cook and share with you (because, y'know. When I'm supposed to be thinking of nothing but differentials, all I can think about is the stuff I don't have time to cook right now), so please keep being patient with me and know I won't be silent forever. I'm just trying to get through one of the roughest semesters I've ever had and while I can see the end of the road coming full speed ahead, I have so much studying to get through over the next week or so that it's actually moving a little too quickly.

If I manage to get in a couple quick meals before this semester is over, I'll make sure to post them!

You guys are the best!


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