Food Waste Friday

Eek. So close to another no waste week. And then I discovered something that probably should've gone out ages ago, but which I hadn't noticed hiding in the fridge.

This week, I lost:

2 ounces brie

And, in the interest of full disclosure, the following tale (this isn't food, but it sort of is food):

The day before Easter, I went to the butcher to pick up Francis' weekly allotment (biweekly?) of femur bones. I buy 1-2 cow femurs and have them cut into 3" pieces, of which he gets one a day for his bedtime snack. A previous time I'd been there, they told me they also sell scrap meat at the same price as the dog bones (30 cents per pound, by the way, and an excellent source of cheap marrow bones if you're so inclined {which I'm not}). This time, I decided to get a couple pounds of this scrap meat to mix into some of his food as a snack. They were insanely busy (I'd forgotten all about Easter, so I didn't know why until later that night), but the girl was very helpful anyway. She went back to get the scrap meat, and came back with a mountain of it. She asked if I wanted more, and I said I'd actually wanted significantly less. But, given how busy they were and also given that they were dealing with me for hardly any money when they could be helping real customers, I took it anyway. It was about 16 pounds. I lugged it all into the house and he ate some for the next couple days. P was going to make it into meatballs and freeze it, but he got caught up studying for a test and I was caught up in the process of catching up on my homework. Wednesday night, I went to make meatballs for him and the smell was so bad I nearly threw up. Francis still wanted his meat, but I couldn't reasonably feed him something that was so obviously rotted. So I threw it away. And so I also lost:

14-15 pounds of scrap beef


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