Our fridge was delivered yesterday. It was missing a part. And it ... doesn't fit. I am happy to have it sitting in the middle of my kitchen. If it continues to live in the middle of the kitchen, fine by me. If it is somehow made able to fit, even better.

But either way? I HAVE A FRIDGE!!!!!!!!

While I was at school, P went down to Phoenicia without telling me and got some things I have missed. It was a great surprise when I got home (even better than the laundry being done, which I also got!)! Olives! Salami! Cheese! Brussels sprouts! All sorts of fun things!

Then we went to the regular store and we got some other foods. I feel much better having food in the fridge. Today we came home and made sandwiches and are now happily snacking on olives (ok, and some lupini beans). Tomorrow I will be making dinner. I'm excited!


  1. Anonymous4:13 AM

    Allie, congrats on the fridge! Thanks for visiting FindingLaDolceVita and for the link love. Much appreciated :)

  2. Maryann,

    Thanks for the visit, and welcome!


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