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Pumpkin and Chocolate Chip Waffles

I'd been craving waffles in the craziest of ways lately, but I didn't have an iron and I didn't really want to get one since I hate having "unitaskers" in my kitchen. Finally I decided that I could get an iron, but only if I made waffles at least twice a week. So that's been happening. As an added bonus, it turns out that Ilana really likes waffles (hard to believe she eats solid foods now) so once she's on three meals a day, waffles will be her weekday breakfast since it only takes seven minutes from the moment you start mixing the batter until the first waffle or two is out of the iron. This variety of waffles happened because she doesn't like white pumpkin (she does like yellow pumpkin) and so I have a bunch of white pumpkin puree that needs to be used up (she'll eat her pumpkin if it's in waffles, though). The chocolate chips were added since Ross has been munching on them by the handful recently. Hope you enjoy! 2 cups all-purpose flour

Roasted Marrow Bones with Lima Bean Salad

I love marrow bones. I love frying thick slices of homemade bread in a stick of butter to eat it with. I love the mouth-feel of marrow. I love the fatty goodness, and how full and satisfied I feel after I eat them. I love how well they pair with pretty much any bright food you want to eat. I love how quickly they cook. I also love how inexpensive they are. I got about a pound and a half for $2, spent about $2.40 on vegetables (we also had roasted broccoli with this), and another $0.90 cents on the loaf of bread I made and the butter to fry it in (even better, if you have stale bread it's perfect for this!). So all in all, we got an awesome meal (plus enough for Ross to take to work for lunch) for slightly more than five bucks, which I love. If you haven't tried marrow, and you're not icked by this sort of thing, I highly recommend this affordable and delicious meal (my version or anyone else's - all of them, actually. I would love to try every marrow preparation known t