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A Request for Help - Book Drive Challenge

A woman I know from my grad program just got a job as the department head for the English department of the Houston CAN! Academy. This school caters primarily to kids in high needs demographics. This school, unfortunately, neither has a library nor can afford to fund one in any capacity other than by providing space. So she's reached out to those of us in the English department at UH to help her put together one for these kids. As I'm sure you know, easy access to books on a variety of topics is often one of the main keys to success for kids, in terms of education, socialisation, personal development, reasoning/critical thinking development, and simply to keep them out of trouble and on track (similar to after school programs). This topic is really important to me, since books were the thing that kept me (mostly) out of trouble as a kid. Thus, I've decided to take on her cause to get these kids a good library, and I'm coordinating efforts with her to get word of the b

Food Waste Friday

Somehow, I missed that today was Friday until I was writing up tomorrow's grocery post. This week has been chaotic and has flown by entirely too quickly. Fortunately, it flew by really, really quickly without me actually throwing any food away. So that's a bonus. I'm really enjoying the new method of letting my fridge get bare (of course, that will NEVER happen to my pantry) before go buy the whole store. For a while there, we were buying the whole store every week or two, and I felt like it was a lot harder to manage things. So, another good week in the food waste department. How'd y'all do?