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Warm Sesame Noodles with Pomegranate-Steamed Cabbage

I cooked something. I think that probably doesn't seem noteworthy, but I haven't cooked anything in over a month. Aside from one loaf of banana bread, which I gave to one of my doctors. And I only made that because I could sit on a chair while the blender did everything. I think I mentioned previously that I've had a lot going on. Aside from normal life changes that people expect (or don't expect), I've also had some health issues. It's made it nearly impossible to eat, and for a while I was subsisting on a can of soup a day and a few sneaked pieces of junk food. I lost 20 or so pounds. Finally, thankfully, I have an appetite again and I can eat without getting sick. So that's good. That doesn't mean I'll be cooking up new stuff and posting it daily, but it does mean occasionally I might actually have something to say. I'm kind of taking eating one day at a time right now, trying to get a workable appetite so I can eat more than an appetize