Saturday Spending

Yay groceries. I got some. I mostly got produce and stuff I was missing for lasagna (okay, stuff I thought I was missing that it turned out I wasn't). Next week I'll probably be a little more focused on meat. I've got plenty of meat in the freezer, but it isn't the stuff I actually am craving, so there's that. Anyway, here's what I got this week:


$3.25 - orange juice (which you know I can't live without)
$0.66 - yellow onion
$1.69 - popcorn (I don't know)
$1.29 - cream (yay scones)
$0.39 - scallions
$0.34 - sweet potato
$1.00 - cucumbers
$0.39 - bell pepper
$0.41 - tomato
$1.38 - lots of parsley
$0.88 - celery
$1.56 - red cabbage

subtotal: $13.24

Wal-Mart: (really weird Fiesta didn't have these items)

$1.94 - ricotta
$0.92 - lasagna noodles (I know; I actually had these and even if I hadn't I should've made them myself since I'm not supposed to be buying pasta anymore)
$0.41 - tomato (Fiesta had this, but I wanted this one too)

subtotal: $3.27
total: $16.51
total for July: $25.66
remaining balance for July: $14.34


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